About Nikki, Anna and Jaime

Dance and poetry collaborators  Jaime Robles and Nikki Santilli are developing a project that approaches the world of poetry from a physical and sonic perspective, rather than a linguistic one. The project has as its final product a series of creative works that interweave poetry and dance. Documentation of the process is integral to the research. Anna Jordanous is a collaborator in their Footsteps on the Page: Loss and Regeneration project


Poet Jaime Robles, whose doctorate is from the University of Exeter, has a wide range of artistic interests. Besides writing poetry, she has written dance reviews for the past eight years in the US and UK. She currently writes opera libretti for American composer Ann Callaway. Throughout her life, she has studied classical ballet, voice and jazz dance. In the UK, her poetry is published by Shearsman Books.


Jazz choreographer Nikki Santilli has a doctorate in prose poetry from King’s College, London. Her book Such Rare Citings: The Prose Poem in English Literature, the first study of this genre, examines language at the intersection of flowing prose and lineated poetry. This cross-genre resembles her dance practice, which combines a deep understanding of rhythmic pattern alongside the fluidity and changeability of improvisation.


Anna Jordanous originally trained as a computer scientist and holds a PhD in computational creativity evaluation (Informatics, Sussex) and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Informatics, Edinburgh). She has conducted research in computational creativity, music informatics, computational linguistics and research evaluation. Anna has also been involved in research projects on the use of technological enhancements in education research and on producing educational resources for support and assessment. Anna is a Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Kent.

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